JC Heights

Offers fantastic views and quiet, tree-lined streets.

Welcome to Jersey City Heights

A quiet, residential gem with stunning hilltop views


Just atop the hill from Hoboken, this residential neighborhood offers fantastic views and quiet, tree-lined streets. The proximity to New York is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jersey City Heights, as the area has become a go-to spot for residents and tourists alike, especially in recent years. Those seeking pleasant, calm streets without losing city amenities will love Jersey City Heights.

Once known as Hudson City, the Heights has grown from its initial status as an independent municipality into the gorgeous neighborhood we know today, offering lush green parks, the Riverview Arts District, and more than its fair share of shops, eateries, and destinations. This burgeoning area is full of new development, with the classic Victorian and Edwardian homes mingling alongside luxury condos.


What to Love

  • Central location without the sometimes-smothering city atmosphere
  • Amenities and luxuries plus a quiet, residential vibe
  • Friendly, fun atmosphere 
  • Plenty of unique restaurants and shops for any tastes
  • Full of activities from ice skating to swimming to quaint ice cream shops

Local Lifestyle

Retaining its historic neighborhood feel while introducing new, modern amenities, the Heights neighborhood is full of historic homes and an art-forward atmosphere. 

The arts are evident along every street, and the dense urban vibe mixes perfectly with the residential nature of the city. Residents often live in the Heights for its great personality while working in bustling New York City, giving them the best of both worlds. Not to mention, there are countless bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks right in The Heights itself. It’s quickly becoming the sought-after place for Jersey City residents who want to live somewhere that doesn’t feel so busy. Throughout all of Jersey City Heights, there is a feeling of camaraderie and neighborhood geniality that gives it a tight-knit, almost small-town feel.


Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Even as The Heights has seen an influx of new businesses and homes, it has kept its personality intact. Central Avenue is dotted with many local shops and restaurants, but that’s not where the options end.

One of the best pizza-by-the-slice places is the casual and beloved Bread and Salt. This place is BYOB, ensuring you can bring a bottle of wine to enjoy while working your way through their delicious menu of pizza. The Hutton, on the other hand, has a menu full of seasonal, local dishes. 

Other great spots include The Franklin, 15 Fox Place, Corto, Fox and Crow, and Modcup Coffee, the perfect place to kick-start your day with a cup of joe.


Things to Do

Year-round, Heights residents and tourists alike find countless events and activities to enjoy. 

Woven through with nature and a distinctly residential feel, Jersey City Heights offers a handful of quintessential neighborhood parks throughout the area. One of the most prominent is the ice skating rink, public pool, and sports facilities of Pershing Field Park

Additionally, Central Avenue is the area known as the Riverview Arts District. Public art and murals are abundant along this stretch of The Heights, and the vibrant atmosphere of the Arts District is often the perfect backdrop for community events, art festivals, and block parties.


Transportation to New York City

No matter where in Jersey City Heights you find yourself, getting to New York City is a piece of cake. Downtown Jersey City and Hoboken are only a Light Rail trip away, while major bus routes cut the trip to New York City down to barely half an hour of travel.


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